Red Gate

Red Gate is a story of a soldier in a remote country. A game in which two parts of This World (battle) and That World (search) influence each other. Go back and forth between the two worlds to gain strength, defeat powerful enemies and save people.


The adventure of rococo

Top-down action adventure made with pixel art. Quests scattered all over the place, and fighting part with hard enemies that made use of weapons and items. It is a somewhat adventure-oriented game with these two as the main.

Coming Soon ...


A story of a boy at sea, told without dialogue or music.

[ Story ]

After repairing his suit, the boy dives into the sea..

Deep into the sea, he finds a light.

As he touches the light, parts of his past flash before his eyes.

He follows the image of his deceased parents, and dives deeper into the sea.

[ Features ]

・On the surface of the ocean, you can go fishing. The fish you catch are your ticket to diving under the ocean.

・A plant is brought up when sleep in the bed.

・A simple interface, where you only need to touch the screen, the boy, and items when they appear.